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Visionary Technology Transfer Approaches + University Partnerships to secure funding at DARPA.


Our client specializes in all facets of IT planning, deployment, operations, and maintenance support. Their primary client was the Washington DC Joint Operations Command Center (JOCC). The JOCC is the primary command and control facility in Washington DC and consists of a network of over 300 cameras that survey and protect the nation’s capitol. The client’s contract with the JOCC was the build, maintenance, and management of all IT components of the facility.

HW discovered C4ISR requirements coming out of DARPA offices and worked to leverage the client's expertise in buiding C2 centers for the JOCC into DoD applications.  HW developed a teaming agreement with Vanderbilt University to stregthen the client's capability, resources, and funding availibility.  


The results of these efforts was a series of contract awards to our client from from DARPA (followed by continuation funding from Office of Naval Research) to develop M&S systems to support information flows in remote C2 centers both on-ship and mobile land based.

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