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Adam Ishaeik - Founding Partner

Mr. Ishaeik is an experienced public sector business development professional that has landed over 225 million dollars in government contracts for small businesses in the last 2 years. Mr. Ishaeik is skilled in all areas of doing business with the government from establishing contact with decision makers, establishing viable contract vehicles, and closing deals. Mr. Ishaeik has also developed cutting edge solutions as part of the business development process and is heavily involved in numerous training and command and control network system initiatives.


Colonel Terry Fowler (ret) - Partner

Terry Fowler has been associated with the Military Resale Market as a senior member of the Armed Forces and a senior executive in industry for over twenty-five years. He was promoted early to colonel in the Air Force and was Commander of all Air Force Commissaries (Military supermarkets) in Europe. When the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps commissary systems merged into the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), Colonel Fowler was selected as the senior Air Force Military member to head the reorganization team. DeCA, founded in 1991, is now the tenth largest supermarket chain in the U.S. and internationally and does over $6 billion a year selling to the patron at cost plus 1% (a 30% savings). Terry Fowler is well known in the Military and civilian business communities. He is a past board member of the American Logistics Association (the association that works with Government resale agencies). He was recently selected to be listed as a distinguished executive in Who’s Who in American Business and, early in his career, was selected as anOutstanding Young Man in America. He continues to maintain close contacts in The Congress, the DOD, and Government Agencies such as Homeland Security, and state and local governments as well as building associations.


Jim Hatchel - Partner

Mr. Hatchel has extensive experience in leading performance-orientated organizations for the military and federal government. Mr. Hatchel's previous position was as the Senior Advisor to the National Guard Bureau Joint Staff and the Chief, Office of Technician Personnel on issues involving employment, staffing and compensation of over 42,000 civilian employees. He served as the agency expert on civilian employment laws, regulations and policies and developed and implemented effective and efficient human resource strategies in support of the organizational employment objectives for the 54 nationwide human resource offices.


Brian Reese - Senior Consultant 

Mr. Reese is a subject matter expert in federal contract management and program management.  He is a former active duty Air Force Contracting Officer with extensive experience leading hundreds of individuals and multifunction teams in challenging international environments.  Since 2007, he has actively managed over $1.5 billion in federal programs.  Mr. Reese offers unequaled support to small businesses in the areas of capture planning and strategy, pricing strategies, proposal development, terms and conditions review, and partnering and teaming arrangements.   




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