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The Hunter Wellman Foundation


Adam Ishaeik, CEO - Hunter Wellman, created The Hunter Wellman Foundation to bringing physical fitness to our nation’s youth. We are projected to fund over 40 fitness programs in the next 6 months.




Dear Adam Ishaeik, Thank you so much for funding my project. It will make a tremendous difference in my PE program. I know the happiness instilled by the outdoor program will carry on as enthusiasm in the classroom. I will inform the children, right away. I know they will be excited. I also look forward to sharing equipment, lessons, and enthusiasm with my partner teachers. Thank you so much. All best wishes, Melanie Du Bose


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Thank you very much for your kindness in helping the students at our school become more active and healthy. Your donation will enable many students to participate in a game they love and interact with other students that they may not normally play with. We look forward to getting the materials and starting to play and exercise. Thank you!


Dear Adam Ishaeik, I can not thank you enough for your donation to the students of CS 300. Our students are in desperate need of the positive benefits of Yoga. We hope that through a Yoga program we can help our students foster a positive self-image and attitude, which in turn, will create better social and academic behaviors. My gratitude is immense. I am confident that your donation will mean that these at-risk children will be given the tools to have a successful and fulfilled life. Thank you for your generosity to our children. Sincerely, Sheila Walsh Physical Education Teacher The School of Science and Applied Learning(CS300).


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Thank you for helping us REACH OUR GOAL!!!! I cannot believe that this is happening on today of all days. We were just having a class meeting and talking about how cool it would be if we had soccer goals so that our class could hold sports clinics for the younger classes. They had no idea that I had applied for this. I am so excited about telling them on Monday. Thank you so much.


Dear Adam Ishaeik, I was so excited to receive the e-mail that my project had been funded! I had to go to the website just to make sure it was true! Thank you so much for reviewing my project and providing the money to fund it. We are starting an after school fitness club in January, so the timing is perfect! The students will be able to try a new and different way to exercise - and it will be interesting to see how they react to the exercises and activities we can do with the exercise balls. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sincerely, Kris Herron, PE Teacher V.O. ISOM Elementary School Greenwood, IN


Dear Adam Ishaeik, I am so grateful and excited for the opportunities that you are giving my students. Your generosity will allow my students the opportunity to explore physical activities, both indoor and outdoor. These activities will help improve their health, as well as their self-confidence and self-esteem. I offer you my sincerest gratitude and thank you in advance for the many great activities that we will have with these materials. With much appreciation, Julie Troletti Kindergarten Teacher Canoga Park Elementary School


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Thank you so much for the tricycle helmets. My special needs students will now be able to get the exercise they need during the winter months. The students have been waiting and waiting to ride the trikes and now I can tell them the wait is almost over. Thank you again, the helmets will be utilized and appreciated every day.


Dear Adam Ishaeik, I thank you all for the donations as well as the effort that it took to fund Yogs for Kids. The thought that you would donate these items brings joy to my heart. They will enhance the children's knowledge of fitness and healthy living. We at CAPCS will enjoy the donations that you have provided us. We will use them often. Thank You, Marlo Craft


Dear Adam Ishaeik, I can not begin to thank you enough for your generosity and support! It is wonderful to know that there are people who value the mental and physical well being of out students as much as I do! The kids are going to be so excited to hear that we have yoga mats being sent to the school! I have done some mini-classes with students, just on the floor, and they love it!! I am really looking forward to taking pictures and sending them on to you! Thank you again for your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. Your efforts will make a difference. Best, Margaret Kearney


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Thank you very much for your gift to my students. It is great to know that people still care. The children will love the checkers. They are always trying to play chess with checkers rules. They will be very grateful as am I. The students I teach do not always have great opportunities in life, but with your donation at least they will have a couple. It will give them the chance to stay off the streets, and that is something I am trying to accomplish. Thank you again and please continue to support schools.


Dear Adam Ishaeik, I am so excited to receive confirmation that my proposal to provide equipment for my grade level for physical fitness has been fully funded. Because of the construction at our school we have had four or five classes sharing a kickball field and it's been hard mixing different age groups during these activities. I am looking forward to being able to introduce new activities to my students next year when the materials arrive. I will also be team teaching with another teacher and we plan to mix our kids during the recess time. This will mean that the equipment will be used by a larger number of students. I really am appreciative of the donor(s) who saw fit to make this kind contribution to our children. It is heartwarming to know that people like you are out there supporting public education and teachers like myself. I think that we all know how important it is to make a difference in the lives of children who do not have the advantages that we might like them to have had. Thank you so very much, Maria Birkas


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Where do I begin, other than THANK YOU!! It warms my heart to know that you were willing to invest in our students and their health. We will now be able to supply them with the basic tools to not only help care for their teeth, but help them to understand why it is so very important. Our theme for the upcoming year is "Igniting the Fire." We want our students and our parents to know that we are there to help ignite the fire in each and every family! You are helping our dreams to burn a little brighter!! So from me again, "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart and know that you have made a difference in the life a child! Sincerely, Mrs. Krista Williams


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Thanks so much for your generous donation of all kinds of balls for my kids to play with and learn team sports with! The kids will have enough to keep them going for the year, in football, soccer, and kickball. You are helping us keep our middle school kids in shape and having fun! Thanks!!!


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Oh my goodness! This is a dream come true. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making all of this possible for my students. They will finally put their skills to work in an authentic bowling situation in the gymnasium because of you! I can't wait to see their faces. Thank You so much for answering our wish you are a true saint! Here's to Project Bowl!! This would not be possible without you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Wow! I am so excited to have this proposal funded. My students will be thrilled to have all these fun activities to play with during our physical education time. It will give me much pleasure to see their faces when I show them this delightful equipment. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude. I am truly amazed at the generosity of the people who have given us support through


Dear Adam Ishaeik, First of all, I would like to thank you for your generosity and your donation. I have been teaching for 25 years. I have entirely supplied my class with the necessary materials to improve their learning. My goal as a teacher is to make sure the students succeed in all areas of academics, especially in reading. I was screaming with excitement that my project had been funded!!! I will use these tools to enhance other areas of teaching to increase academic scores. Gratefully yours, Janet


Dear Adam Ishaeik, I have the best students in the world. They face constant challenges to their success. But, what makes them so wonderful to work with is that they are constantly excited by life and by learning. They are going to be so excited to receive the tennis rackets you are funding. Many of my students are overweight, but since the neighborhood surrounding our school has one of the highest crime rates in the county, the children cannot play in the park or anywhere else around outside around their homes. Our school is one of the only safe places where children get to exercise outside. Many of the children stay late at school, 5-6:00pm. The tennis rackets you have provided for us will be used by over 100 students, both during the school day and after school in a Sport's Club. Your donation will touch many, many students. And, hopefully, your donation will help instill in several of these students a love for tennis. Tennis is a sport they will be able to continue playing because it is fun, accessible, and affordable. By funding these rackets you have enriched and enhanced the education and the lives of many students. There is no way I can thank you enough for your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dear Adam Ishaeik, Thank you so much for the ability to enhance the lives of my students! We are all very excited and ready to learn the great skill of basketball. We are hoping to have a tournament at the end of the year and have ribbons and metals to everyone who participates. Your donation has made it possible to teach this unit. We are even planning a field trip to see the "Oklahoma Thunder". Please continue to support schools as they hold our future, our children. Thank you from the top of our hearts!


Dear Adam Ishaeik, We could never express or appreciation enough. We have been trying so hard to get mats for the girls for the longest. This is truly a blessing for all of us. Thank you so much for donating to our team. With gratitude, Ms. P.


Dear Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Adam Ishaeik, Thank you so much for purchasing the Corbett Pro Style bases. My team and I appreciate your generous donation to our athletic program. We have been working real hard this year to build a program into something that the student athletes can excel at. We will now be able to host games at our facility and have brand new bases that will help upgrade our facility. The team has been working really hard on their skills and getting ready for the first game of the season on February 17. When our season gets started, I will be sure to send pictures of the players and some action shots of the games. Thank you again for your donation. With gratitude, Mr. B.


Dear Adam Ishaeik, AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I am so thrilled that you funded my project, "From a Mimeo to a Mimio". My students will be so excited to use the whiteboard technology to learn concepts in Science class. We can balance chemical equations, show how all the specific cycles work,( water, rock, nitrogen, etc.), manipulate the plates to better understand plate tectonics...the possibilities are going to fun to explore.Thanks for investing in our classroom, but most importantly in the education of our future, the kids! Also, please accept our gratitude for using DonorsChoose as your vehicle for charitable donations to education. has truly made a difference in my classroom. With that said, they are experiencing a "delayed for summer ordering status". As soon as they get our materials ordered and shipped to us in the fall, I will post digital pictures and my students will send you thank you letters! With gratitude, Mrs. M.


Dear Adam Ishaeik,Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!You are the answer to my students' prayers. The majority of my students do not have a place outside of my classroom to discover, create, or display theirwonderful and creative work. Many plan careers in the arts. Having a proper place to store a work-in-progress or to display a finished work builds self-esteem and gives students a reason to be proud of their accomplishments. I can't wait to hear their reactions when I share the news with them. I only wish you see could see for yourself. Every day they ask if we are getting storage shelves and every day I tell them to stay positive. You are our blessing and we are very grateful!Once they hear the great news, they will want to start displaying their projects and invite their families in to see.Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!With gratitude,Mrs. S.


Dear Adam Ishaeik,Thank you for your wonderful gift for my classroom! Although my current students will not be able to use these items, they will benefit students' education for years to come.I am so very excited that I will have these items to begin our new school year! Your investment in our children will help build better readers, and thus enhance education for students for years to come.Again, I am so very thankful for your generosity. It will be fun to share the learning activities with my students, to watch the joy as they learn, and to share that joy with you using pictures and letters to document the experience.With gratitude,Mrs. G.

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