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Teaming Announcements

Hunter Wellman provides business development support for our clients - primarily SBA certified small businesses (8a, SDVOB, WOSB, etc...). 

In many cases, our clients do not have the capability or resources to meet these requirements in their entirety. In these cases, we reach out to the vendor community to find teaming partners to shore up the performance gaps.

Please send email of interest along with any capability statements and/or past performance information relevant to the requirements of interest to  We will respond with more details with qualified vendors.

Currently we are seeking teaming partners with the following capabilities:

April 25, 2018

  • Federal capital planning & investment control process for IT initiatives & systems with a specific application for billing and processing systems

  • Vendors that have past performance with PMO and/or enterprise planning with Ginnie May

  • Vendors that have training past performance with Millennium Challenge Corporation

  • Construction vendors that are SDVOB and another SBA designation (i.e. WOSB, HUBZONE, SDVOB)

  • Construction vendors that can self-perform in the sates of MI, MN, and WI

  • HUBZONE construction vendors able to conduct business in Georgia

  • Construction opportunities that require medical center site prep

  • Construction firms who currently have a legal license to operate as a U.S. Small Business (either licensed in the name of the U.S. Small Business or an affiliate that the U.S. Small Business has 51% ownership/control of has the license)  and provide a copy of that license for the following countries:    

       1.       Guatemala

       2.       Honduras

       3.       Costa Rica

       4.       Panama

       5.       Trinidad and Tobago

       6.       Ecuador

       7.       Colombia

  • Construction vendors that can conduct building envelope repairs, primarily dealing with masonry products in the Great Lakes Region

April 10, 2018

  • Minor construction and specialty trade services in the following regions: Asheville, NC, and these regions in SC - Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston.

  • Roofing services in Martinsburg, WV.

  • Uniform services nationwide.

  • Specialty trade services for the DC region - willing to work under 1099.

  • 8a vendors that have HVAC experience to furnish and install a new JACE 8000 and program the controls management system

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