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Federal BD Support

Federal/State/Local Business Development and Proposal 
Support Services


For Small Business

HW Offers RAPID Expansion Capabilities for Small Businesses.  Hunter Wellman provides the capability to expand business development activity without the added costs of hiring permanent staff. Our service offerings are tailored to the requirements of our clients and geared to seamlessly integrate into established sales operations. Once on-board, our staff works as an extension of our clients marketing team - providing the additional support required to expand revenue sources from the federal government.


Our market expansion capabilities include:

  • Direct contact with government program managers and contracting officers to tap into unpublished procurements

  • Pursue program funds prior to public release

  • Marketing campaigns that identify and reach users of your services

  • A network of government clients and contractors to leverage businesses with little or no government contract experience

  • Large business partners (SAIC, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, CACI, etc…) that establish teaming agreements and partnering efforts to pursue high dollar procurements.


For Large Business

Business Development and Proposal Development Support:  Hunter Wellman has worked with most of the major vendors in the federal market including; Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Lockheed Martin, KBR, Cubic, CACI, Harris, Clark Construction, Qwest Communications, etc... Our contribution to these companies has been critical in their acquisition of several of the largest federal contracts in history.


Our large business service offerings are geared to provide support when business development activity requirements surge beyond in-house capability. Our ability to deploy qualified proposal writers and Subject Matter Experts has benefited many large primes get their proposals completed, meeting corporate expectations with regard to quality, competiveness, and winning percentage.


Providing Small/Disadvantaged Business Support to Large Businesses:  Hunter Wellman small business clients have valuable past performance qualifications that add value to a proposal's value to the government . The owners and key personnel have detailed qualifications and can strengthen the staffing and subcontracting sections of full and open contract competitions. Further, our clients have low overheads and can offer competitive rates that fit within complex costing structures.Hunter Wellman delivers top tier sub contracting options to full and open proposal efforts. Our cadre of small and disadvantaged businesses spans from IT products and services to pre-deployment support and training to facilities management. We also have a database of over 30,000 small businesses we utilize to fill holes in qualification statements for our large business clientele.


Proposal Support Services

Proposal evaluators look for relevant/strong past performance representation, a solid technical and management approach, obtaining qualified staff, and price compliance and reasonableness when making their procurement decisions. Hunter Wellman provides the technical proposal development support and insight into winning pricing schemes to develop winning responses to government solicitations.


However, all request for proposal opportunities should be carefully screened to detect a favored vendor or a wired program. Pursuing these types of opportunities is extremely risky as probability to unseat these favored vendor is very low. Hunter Wellman employs a proven methodology that entails communications with the federal stakeholders for the program, research into the history of the procurement, and insight into the major vendors in the sourcing agency to provide insight necessary to make bid/no-bid decisions.


Our proposals writers are trained to draft proposals that are:

  • Compliant

  • Have technical and management factors acceptable to the requirement

  • Priced competitively

  • Proper representation of past performance.


Our approach:

  • Develop technical and management approaches that meet RFP requirements

  • Recruit staff to manage operational and technical aspects of the program that meet and/or exceed government staffing requirements

  • Build a strong past performance statement

  • Adopt a winning pricing strategy


We assist our clients build successful proposals by providing the following support:

  • Build a technical/management plan that demonstrates familiarity with the environment and requirements of the issuing agency.

  • Screen potential key staff to ensure quality of personnel meets/exceeds government requirements

  • Assist with the build of the past performance statement.

  • If the client lacks the qualifications, find alternative methods of meeting experience evaluation standards (i.e. subcontractors, quals of staff, etc…)

  • Proven expertise in developing pricing strategies to ensure profitability while winning on lowest price.

  • QA to ensure proposal is compliant to RFP/Q and the FAR.

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